Watch Alice Cooper Deliver a Condensed yet Emotionally Charged Rendition of “Only Women Bleed” on The Midnight Special

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

The Midnight Special Continues to Share Treasures from Its Abundant Archive, Unearthing More Gold

In the summer of 1979, Alice Cooper made his sole appearance on The Midnight Special, which was well beyond his initial golden era in the early to mid-70s. During this appearance, he was promoting his album “From the Inside,” which was created after a stay at Cornell Medical Center, a sanitarium near White Plains in Westchester County, New York.

Regarding the characters featured on the album, Cooper explained that they were all real individuals. He provided anecdotes about some of them, such as the person in “For Veronica’s Sake,” who was obsessed with his dog and constantly exclaimed, “For Veronica’s sake, I gotta get outta here.” Although the dog’s name wasn’t Veronica, Cooper found it to be a fantastic name. He also mentioned a girl in the song “I Wish I Were Born In Beverly Hills,” who he described as the most spoiled person on the planet, even though she had everything she could ever want. Yet, she managed to ruin her life at a very young age.

During his appearance on The Midnight Special, Alice Cooper performed four songs from the “From the Inside” album, including the title track, “Serious,” “How You Gonna See Me Now,” and “Inmates (We’re All Crazy).” However, in light of his history and the fact that he was hosting the show, some of his greatest hits were also featured. Notably, one of these classics, “Only Women Bleed,” is the latest clip to be added to The Midnight Special’s growing YouTube archive.

The version of “Only Women Bleed” on The Midnight Special is a concise rendition, lasting just over two minutes, which is significantly shorter than the studio version by about a minute and a half. This brevity can be attributed to the fact that it was incorporated into a medley of songs, along with two other major hits by Alice Cooper, “I’m Eighteen” and “Billion Dollar Babies.”

Alice Cooper was joined by a talented group of musicians during his appearance on The Midnight Special. The backing band included guitarist Davey Johnstone, as well as three musicians who had previously worked on the 1975 album “Welcome To My Nightmare”: bassist Prakash John, drummer Whitey Glan, and keyboardist Jozef Chirowski.

Among the audience and other guests on the show were notable artists such as The Cars, the New Jersey disco group Instant Funk, and renowned singers Olivia Newton-John and Tanya Tucker. Their presence added to the star-studded lineup and the excitement of the performance.