“Violinist Lindsey Stirling Delivers a Thrilling Cover of Led Zeppelin’s Timeless Classic ‘Kashmir’”

“Lindsey Stirling Showcases Her Virtuoso Violin Skills in an Epic Cover of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir'”

(Image credit: Photo by Kristy Sparow/Getty Images)

Virtuoso violinist Lindsey Stirling has recently released a captivating cover of the classic Led Zeppelin track, “Kashmir.”

Having previously collaborated with the rock band Evanescence and its lead singer, Amy Lee, Stirling is no stranger to the world of rock music. She has gained widespread recognition for her exceptional talent, incorporating unique choreographed violin performances into her artistry. Her journey in the music industry started when she participated as a contestant on America’s Got Talent in 2010.

One of Stirling’s notable works includes the track “Love Goes On and On,” featuring a guest appearance from Amy Lee. The song is part of her 2019 concept album, Artemis, which revolves around the narrative of an “unlikely heroine” symbolizing the resilience in all of us, as we strive to bring light back into our lives.

Lindsey Stirling, known for her exceptional skills as a virtuoso violinist, has taken on the challenge of covering the iconic Led Zeppelin track, “Kashmir.” The original song was featured on Led Zeppelin’s 1975 album, Physical Graffiti, and has now received a fresh and captivating rendition from Stirling’s musical prowess.

Lindsey Stirling’s rendition of “Kashmir” can be heard below.

The talented violinist expressed her enthusiasm for working on this project, stating, “Kashmir has always been one of my favorite rock songs, and I’m so excited I got to collaborate with the legendary producers Howard Benson and Neil Sanderson to reimagine it in my own style.”

Known for consistently pushing the boundaries of violin performance, Stirling’s version of “Kashmir” is a testament to her musical innovation and her ability to bridge the gap between genres. Her arrangement captivates listeners with its dynamic range, effortlessly transitioning from delicate and ethereal moments to explosive crescendos.

Integrating her electric violin seamlessly into the epic melody of the rock classic, Stirling delivers a truly unique take on Led Zeppelin’s iconic song.

As a continuation of her musical journey, Lindsey Stirling is embarking on an extensive tour across the United States starting in August, giving her fans an opportunity to experience her remarkable performances live.