R.E.M. Reveals Their Top 40 Favorite Songs, Excluding Everybody Hurts and Losing My Religion

R.E.M. Releases Playlist of Favorite Songs, Some Big Hits Missing

(Image credit: Santiago Bueno/Sygma via Getty Images)

R.E.M. Unveils Top 40 Favorite Songs Playlist, Omitting Major Hits

The members of R.E.M. have collaborated to curate a playlist featuring their 40 favorite R.E.M. songs. Surprisingly, many of the band’s most beloved anthems are conspicuously absent from the list.

Despite “Losing My Religion” being a global smash hit and having accumulated over a billion plays on Spotify, it is notably missing from the R.E.M. Top Forty playlist. Another expected omission is “Shiny Happy People,” the second single from their 1991 album “Out Of Time,” which frontman Michael Stipe candidly revealed he would not choose to represent the band for eternity.

Casual fans might also be disappointed not to find anthems like “Everybody Hurts,” “Stand,” or “Nightswimming” on the list. However, those with a deeper appreciation of R.E.M. will be delighted to see lesser-known tracks like “Wolves, Lower” from their debut EP “Chronic Town” (chosen by bassist Mike Mills), “The Flowers of Guatemala” from 1986’s “Life’s Rich Pageant” (selected by Michael Stipe), and “Voice Of Harold,” the B-side of their 1984 single “So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)” (picked by drummer Bill Berry).

The decision to compile the list came after a renewed interest in R.E.M.’s discography, sparked by the inclusion of several songs in the soundtrack of the acclaimed FX series “The Bear.”

R.E.M. bid farewell in September 2011 with a statement expressing gratitude, a sense of closure, and astonishment at their accomplishments. Although fans may hope for a reunion, Michael Stipe has clarified that the band will never reunite, as they value the legacy of their 32 years of work and do not wish to engage in any money-driven or tacky ventures.