Paul McCartney expresses immense gratitude towards everyone involved as amateur detectives have successfully tracked down his long-lost Höfner bass, fifty years following its theft.

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

The 1961 Höfner 500/1 bass guitar belonging to Paul McCartney has been labeled as “the most significant bass in history.”

A bass guitar that Paul McCartney extensively played on numerous classics by The Beatles has been discovered, over fifty years after its disappearance. The 1961 Höfner 500/1 bass guitar, prominently used during the recording of the first two Beatles albums, “Please Please Me” and “With The Beatles,” was stolen in October 1972 from a van parked overnight in Ladbroke Grove, West London.

“We were aware of the substantial padlock securing the back doors,” recounted Wings soundman Ian Horne to The Lost Bass Project in 2023. “But upon waking up the next morning and seeing the van, with the broken padlock lying on the road, I sensed trouble. Upon inspection, the bass, along with another guitar and two Vox AC30 amps, had vanished.”

Previously, there were reports suggesting that McCartney’s bass had been stolen from the basement at the Beatles Apple Corps HQ in Savile Row three years prior. However, armed with Horne’s recent revelations, the Lost Bass Project managed to refine their search. They uncovered that the instrument had been sold to the landlord of a nearby pub in Notting Hill. Utilizing this information, they were able to trace the instrument’s path further.

The pivotal breakthrough occurred last year when Scott Jones of the Lost Bass Project penned an article in the Sunday Telegraph, chronicling the search and urging individuals with additional information to step forward.

“The lost bass needs to be valued more like a Van Gogh or a Picasso than just an instrument,” emphasized Höfner executive Nick Wass to the Telegraph. “Other than Beethoven’s piano, no instrument on earth can be compared to McCartney’s original Höfner. But the true value is in its history. This is the bass Paul played in Hamburg, at the Cavern Club, and at Abbey Road. That’s why we need to get this bass back.”

The article proved instrumental, leading to the discovery of the bass tucked away in the attic of a film student residing on the south coast of England, who had inherited the instrument. “They retrieved it and realized the significance of what they possessed,” remarked the Lost Bass Project. “Within days, it was returned to Paul McCartney!”

Höfner has authenticated the guitar, and McCartney expresses profound gratitude to all involved. The instrument is conservatively estimated at £10 million but is expected to fetch significantly more at auction.