Ozzy Osbourne’s Hilarious Mishap: Accidentally Texting Robert Plant in Search of His Lost Cat Despite Digital Challenges

Ozzy Osbourne’s Technical Troubles Confirmed by Son Jack

(Image credit: Conan on TBS)

During his appearance on the Conan O’Brien show in 2016, Ozzy Osbourne, the frontman of Black Sabbath, revealed an amusing incident involving his limited proficiency with mobile phones. Ozzy’s son, Jack, exposed his father’s lack of technical know-how, sharing how Ozzy once accidentally sent a text intended for someone else to Robert Plant, the legendary musician. Ozzy humorously admitted his struggles with technology, saying he finds it challenging to operate even a digital watch, let alone a phone.

According to Jack, Ozzy Osbourne indeed sent Robert Plant a text message that read, “I can’t find the cat.” The incident further highlights Ozzy’s humorous struggles with using mobile phones.

Ozzy went on to share that Robert Plant’s reply was filled with evident confusion. Plant responded with a message that questioned, “You can’t find the cat…?” This humorous exchange underscores the comical nature of the accidental text exchange between the two musicians.

Ozzy’s love for cats has been evident, and he has spoken out on various occasions about their welfare. In 2020, he lent his support to a PETA campaign that aimed to raise awareness about the harmful practice of cat declawing. He firmly stated that amputating a cat’s toes is cruel and inhumane, advocating for the use of scratching posts instead.

However, the following year, Ozzy faced significant backlash when he made a controversial statement. During the lockdown period, he joked about shooting animals outside his Los Angeles home as a way to cope with his struggles with Parkinson’s disease. This remark caused outrage, as it seemed to condone animal cruelty, which stands in contrast to his previous stance on animal welfare.

It’s essential to recognize that individuals can have both positive and negative aspects to their actions and beliefs, and Ozzy’s public statements have displayed both his compassion for animals and, on the other hand, a controversial remark that sparked criticism.