Ozzy Osbourne Music School, Boasting “55 Years of Memorabilia,” in Development in Birmingham, Confirms Sharon

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Sharon Osbourne Unveils Significance of Birmingham to Ozzy and Teases a Special New Project with the Prince Of Darkness in the Works

Exciting Project Unveiled for Ozzy Osbourne’s Hometown: A new and thrilling venture featuring Ozzy Osbourne is on the horizon for his cherished hometown of Birmingham, as revealed in a recent interview with his wife and longtime manager, Sharon. Speaking to Planet Rock earlier this month, Sharon provided insights into Ozzy’s enduring connection to Birmingham, hinting at a special project that will uniquely celebrate the Prince Of Darkness’ remarkable career.

“Ozzy has got nine lives,” quips Sharon. “He’s not going anywhere. If a bomb dropped there would be cockroaches, Keith Richards and Ozzy!”

Discussing the Osbournes’ current living arrangements, Sharon adds, “We’re flip-flopping the way we live – we’re going to live permanently in England but we’ll still come back [to Los Angeles] to visit family.”

“The older you get, the more you want to go back to your roots, and that’s Birmingham,” Sharon emphasizes. “There’s so much of Ozzy and Black Sabbath there we can’t not go back as a family. We’re working on a music school right now, with all Ozzy’s memorabilia in there – 55 years of memorabilia – and also they’ve got Black Sabbath Bridge, the Bench, and Ozzy the Bull!”

“It’s just the most amazing thing,” she notes, “and it means so much to him you have no idea.”

Despite officially retiring from touring in 2023, Ozzy has since vowed to continue performing in some capacity when fully recovered from his recent health issues. Speaking to Metal Hammer last year, the former Black Sabbath frontman noted: “I’m getting myself fit. I’ve done two albums fairly recently [2020’s Ordinary Man and 2022’s Patient Number 9], but I want to do one more album and then go back on the road.”