“Ozzy Osbourne Clarifies Social Media Outburst Against Kanye West: ‘It’s Wrong If You Don’t Speak Up’”

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

“Ozzy Osbourne Criticizes Kanye West for Unauthorized Sampling of ‘Iron Man’ Amidst Controversial Remarks”

Ozzy Osbourne has clarified his recent outburst on social media directed at Ye (formerly known as Kanye West), which arose from the rapper’s unauthorized use of Black Sabbath’s song “Iron Man” and his series of derogatory remarks.

Ye made offensive comments publicly and on social media in late 2022, including a post on X (formerly Twitter) where he threatened to take drastic action against “Jewish people” and expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler in an interview.

Consequently, numerous contracts and partnerships Ye held, including those with Universal Music, Adidas, and Gap, were terminated due to his behavior.

During an album listening event on February 8 of this year for his latest project, a collaboration with Ty Dolla Sign titled “Vultures 1,” Ye reportedly incorporated a segment of a 1983 live rendition of “Iron Man” into the track “Carnival,” purportedly without obtaining approval for its use

Following Ye’s unauthorized sampling of a 1983 live performance of “Iron Man” from the US Festival at his album listening party, Ozzy Osbourne’s social media accounts swiftly responded, stating that Ye had requested permission but was denied due to his antisemitic remarks. Despite the refusal, Ye proceeded to use the sample, prompting Osbourne to disassociate himself from him.

In a subsequent interview with Rolling Stone, Osbourne reiterated his stance, emphasizing the harm caused by discrimination of any kind and expressing his refusal to be associated with such behavior.

While Ye apologized for his antisemitic comments, he continued to promote “Vultures 1” using imagery reminiscent of Burzum, a black metal band associated with antisemitism. Although Ye did not publicly address Osbourne’s remarks, Sharon Osbourne, his wife and manager, revealed that legal teams from both parties had been in communication. Additionally, the track “Carnival,” featuring the unauthorized sample, was replaced with “Hell Of A Life,” which contained a legally permitted sample of “Iron Man,” at subsequent listening events.