Newly Unveiled Exhilarating Footage Emerges from The Midnight Special’s Steely Dan Collection

(Image credit: The Midnight Special)

Steely Dan’s Electrifying Performance on The Midnight Special Reveals a Musical Treasure Trove

The official YouTube channel of The Midnight Special continues to unveil captivating moments, and the latest addition showcases another mesmerizing live performance by Steely Dan.

Back in 1973, the band made two appearances on the show. We have already been treated to footage from their February session, featuring powerful renditions of “Reelin’ In The Years” and “Do It Again.” A couple of weeks ago, a clip of “Show Biz Kids” from their August performance was unveiled.

The newest release is also from the August session, capturing Steely Dan’s captivating revisit of “Reelin’ In The Years.” If anything, this clip exudes even more energy than the February version. The famously reserved performer Donald Fagen exudes zestful confidence, guitarist Jeff ‘Skunk’ Baxter unleashes captivating riffs, and backing singers Gloria ‘Porky’ Granola and Jenny ‘Bucky’ Soule can be seen joyfully dancing around with infectious enthusiasm.

The extraordinary nature of the performance becomes even more apparent considering that the band made the decision to retire from touring less than a year later. Following their last onstage performance together in 1974, Steely Dan founders Donald Fagen and Walter Becker wouldn’t reunite on stage until Fagen’s New York Rock & Soul Review show in 1992. This event served as a catalyst for the band’s revival as a touring entity, which began the following year.

The August 1973 edition of The Midnight Special, hosted by Billy Preston, featured a star-studded lineup including rock ‘n’ roll icon Bo Diddley, cult yacht rocker Ned Doheny, Texan rockers Gladstone, Broadway singer Maureen McGovern, and former Band Of Gypsys drummer Buddy Miles. It was a diverse and exciting mix of musical talents.

In addition to Steely Dan’s electrifying performance, The Midnight Special’s YouTube channel has also recently added a clip of The Guess Who playing their classic hit “American Woman.” The charismatic Burton Cummings delivers a performance that includes his own humorous impersonation of Burt Reynolds. The channel continues to provide a variety of nostalgic and entertaining moments for music lovers to enjoy.