“Kiss Embarks on a New Era: Announces Continuation as Avatars”

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Kiss Teams Up with Industrial Light & Magic and Pophouse to Create Four Avatars for Endless Rocking

“After 13 legs and 1767 days, Kiss’s final tour has come to an end. The farewell journey, spanning almost five years, commenced with a performance at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada, on January 31, 2019. The iconic rock band bid their ultimate farewell to the Kiss Army, gathering 20,000 fans at Madison Square Garden in New York for a spectacular final show featuring an explosive display of pyrotechnics.

While the farewell tour has concluded, Kiss’s legacy continues in a new and innovative form. Gene Simmons, in an interview with Rolling Stone earlier this month, hinted at ongoing Kiss activity, stating, ‘I’m totally open to that idea. Why not pass the baton, pass the crown to four new, young people who are deserving?’

The mystery has been unveiled: a countdown clock on Kiss’s official website reached its conclusion, revealing that Kiss will persist as avatars. Following the successful Abba Voyage show in London, where the Swedish pop icons performed as lifelike 3D projections, Kiss is set to embark on a similar journey in the virtual realm.”

Fans who register at KissOnline are granted access to a short film titled “A New Era Begins.” This film provides a glimpse behind the scenes, accompanied by the dramatic backdrop of thunder crashing. In the video, band mainstays Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley drop hints about the exciting developments that lie ahead for Kiss.

Simmons expresses enthusiasm about the future, stating, “There’s so much excitement ahead,” while Stanley contributes, “We have the potential for eternal existence!”

In another video, the process of creating the avatars is depicted, and a third video showcases a discussion between the members of Kiss and representatives from Pophouse (the Swedish company responsible for the Abba show) and Industrial Light & Magic, George Lucas’s visual effects company.

The concluding film starts by highlighting Kiss’s final concert on December 2nd, 2023, emphasizing that it marked the end of the traditional Kiss performances. Simultaneously, it hints at a new undertaking unfolding behind the scenes.

Specific dates for live performances featuring the avatar version of Kiss have yet to be disclosed.