“I am Ready to Take Extreme Measures to Safeguard My Family”: Nikki Sixx Discloses Threats Against Wife and Child by Stalkers

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe Takes to Social Media to Announce FBI Investigation into One Stalker, Another Pursuing Legal Action

Nikki Sixx took to social media to disclose that his family has become the focal point of attention for two stalkers. The Mötley Crüe member detailed each harrowing experience, noting that one of the incidents is an ongoing situation.

“In line with the experiences of many other public figures, my family and I have been subjected to harassment and threats from a stalker,” Sixx explained. “A disturbed woman from Tennessee, whom I have never encountered or seen before, directed threats of death and bodily harm toward my wife and child.

“This wasn’t merely an internet troll but an individual convinced of a connection to me. The harassment persisted for an extended period and escalated in severity, compelling me to appear in court multiple times and secure restraining orders. Despite multiple violations of these orders, the court deemed the conduct serious enough to hold her in contempt and issued an arrest warrant.”

“I express my gratitude to the judge, the court staff, and my legal team for their efforts in safeguarding my family.”

Nikki Sixx initially addressed the issue via Twitter last year, disclosing that he had sought a court-issued “Order of Protection” for his family. He expressed sorrow over how “obsessive compulsive behavior” could escalate into mental illness. In his most recent post, he revealed an ongoing threat, stating that a second stalker, originating from a different part of the country, has engaged in similar alarming behavior, going as far as traveling to his residence and reiterating threats. The FBI is actively investigating this new threat.

Expressing deep concern, Sixx emphasized the gravity of threats against his family, underscoring that they do not deserve such distress. He extended his gratitude to the FBI, law enforcement, detectives, and the legal and court system for their prompt and serious handling of the situation. Sixx concluded by affirming his unwavering commitment, stating, “I will go to any lengths to protect my family.”