“Final Kiss Concert to Be Streamed as a Pay-Per-View Event”

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

“If you missed out on tickets for Kiss’s farewell performance at Madison Square Garden next month, you can catch the show from the comfort of your home instead.”

Kiss enthusiasts who missed out on securing tickets for the band’s much-anticipated final performance at Madison Square Garden in New York now have the option to enjoy the show live from the convenience of their homes.

The concert, slated for December 2, will be broadcast as a pay-per-view event on ppv.com. Tickets are priced at $39.99 in the United States and a more affordable $14.99 internationally (approximately £12.26 in the UK). Additionally, the show will be accessible through pay-per-view services provided by cable and satellite operators like Xfinity, Spectrum, Contour, Optimum, Fios, DirecTV, DISH, Rogers, and Telus in the US and Canada.

Earlier this year, Paul Stanley shared his thoughts with Classic Rock on the emotions he’s experiencing as the tour approaches its conclusion. “To talk about the end conceptually is one thing; to see the end imminent is another,” he expressed. “It’s daunting, and it goes from being an intellectual choice, and the emotional impact is not lost on me. I think about it more all the time, and these shows become that more precious and meaningful as they dwindle down. But while they’re dwindling, we’re going to kick as much ass and blow up as much stuff as possible.”

In 2019, Classic Rock joined Kiss on the initial leg of their End Of The Road tour and queried Gene Simmons about what aspects of the band people would find themselves missing.

“If you take it in the context of life as we know it on earth, there’s not a whole lot that’s important,” Simmons responded. “You have brave men and women who put on uniforms and go to fight wars to protect freedom and die on the battlefield, and that’s a real thing. So in that context, we’re not very important. Kiss is sort of like sugar. On one hand, sugar is fun, tastes good, and makes you happy. When you stop sugar, you’ll miss it. Maybe that’s what it is.

“But I do know we raised the bar in terms of what you can expect now from bands. I don’t care if you’re McCartney or the Stones, you’ll have fireworks at your shows. And that’s because of Kiss, not Air Supply. That’s our contribution. When that’s gone, that’s gone.”