Cosmetics Company Ends Partnership with Alice Cooper Following Controversial Remarks About Transgender Issues

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Vampyre Cosmetics Ends Collaboration with Alice Cooper After Controversial Remarks Regarding Transgender Individuals

Cosmetics company Vampyre Cosmetics has decided to sever ties with the iconic shock rocker Alice Cooper. This decision comes after Cooper shared his perspective on the care provided to transgender individuals.

Following an interview with Stereogum, where Cooper expressed his view that the ongoing discussions about trans rights appear “absurd” to him and that he considers much of it a passing “fad,” Vampyre Cosmetics made the choice to cancel their intended collaboration with the artist.

In an official statement, Vampyre Cosmetics conveyed, “Given the recent comments made by Alice Cooper, we have chosen to discontinue our makeup collaboration. We stand in solidarity with all members of the LGBTQIA+ community and firmly believe that every individual should have access to proper healthcare. Refunds will be issued for all pre-order sales.”

During the interview, Cooper was prompted to share his thoughts on recent statements made by fellow artists from his era, particularly considering his own history of experimenting with gender expectations in his early career.

In his response, Cooper provided an extensive perspective, stating, “I recognize that there are instances of genuine transgender identity, but I’m concerned that it has also become somewhat of a trend. I worry that there are individuals who identify as transgender solely because they desire to do so, without a genuine basis. This issue becomes problematic, particularly when applied to young children who are still in the process of understanding themselves.”

He continued, “It’s confusing for a child as young as six, who is primarily focused on playing, to be told that they can change their gender. This notion remains perplexing even for teenagers who are in the midst of discovering their identities. The message seems to be, ‘You can be anything you want, even a cat if you wish.'”

Cooper expressed, “This has reached a point of absurdity that is hard to comprehend. It’s almost as if we’re in a surreal world, reminiscent of a Kurt Vonnegut novel.”

The musician further noted, “Certainly, there are those who might exploit this situation. A man could walk into a women’s restroom under the pretext of ‘feeling like a woman that day’ and potentially misuse the situation. Such a scenario could lead to incidents of assault. And then, where do we draw the line?”

The collaboration between Cooper and Vampyre Cosmetics, previously announced in August, has now been called off.