“Brian May of Queen has voiced concern over Britain’s current state, urging voters to seek ‘change’ in the upcoming July 4 General Electio

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

“Brian May, guitarist of Queen, calls for an end to what he perceives as ‘arrogance, ineptitude, and corruption’ within the British government.”

“Queen guitarist Brian May is urging voters to bring an end to what he describes as ‘arrogance, ineptitude, and corruption’ in the British government, and to vote for ‘a chance of decency’ in tomorrow’s General Election in the UK. The 76-year-old musician has been vocal about his views on social media recently, including sharing a collage of British newspaper headlines with a Looney Tunes theme, mocking political statements. May criticized Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s remark that Labour Party leader Keir Starmer would ‘wreck Britain in 100 days,’ retorting that Britain is already facing significant challenges. He also pointed out the controversies surrounding Liz Truss’s tenure. May emphasized the importance of voting for change and encouraging others to do the same, urging people to make a social event out of going to the polls.”

“On June 24, guitarist Brian May shared a photo of a Daily Mail headline proclaiming ‘Ten Days Left To Stop “Disaster” Of A Starmer Super Majority,’ dismissing it as Tory propaganda. May criticized the newspaper for its biased stance against Labour, urging voters to see through such tactics. He lambasted the Tory government for 12 years of what he called arrogance, dishonesty, and corruption, blaming them for Brexit, mishandling COVID-19, and other failures. May highlighted environmental issues like badger culling and fox hunting, contrasting Labour’s promises for wildlife protection. He concluded by urging voters to seize the opportunity to remove what he described as a self-serving government, advocating for change and a better future.”