Brian May Criticizes Researchers for Using Mice in Discovering Health Benefits of “We Will Rock You”

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Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ May Aid Insulin Release in Cells, But Brian May Criticizes Scientific Testing Methods”

Queen guitarist Brian May has voiced his criticism of scientists who employ animal testing for drug experiments. May’s comments were prompted by a Forbes report revealing research conducted by scientists in Switzerland, led by Martin Fussenegger at ETH Zurich. According to the report, these scientists found that cells released insulin when exposed to the music of “We Will Rock You.”

The Forbes report explains that the cells respond to the movement generated by sound waves, and certain types of music are more effective than others. Notably, music with a heavy bass was found to be particularly effective. After experimenting with various sound sources, the researchers observed that Queen’s “We Will Rock You” was exceptionally proficient at facilitating the release of insulin through the cell’s channels.

The article further detailed that the scientists implanted capsules in mice to test if the music’s effects remained consistent when the sound had to penetrate the skin. The experiment was successful, although it required placing the speaker directly on the mice.

In response to the article, Brian May expressed his disapproval of the scientists’ use of animals in the experiments in a post on Instagram. He made it clear that he would not be celebrating this news, emphasizing his stance against animal testing.

Brian May’s Instagram post expresses his mixed feelings about the discovery related to “We Will Rock You” and his strong disapproval of the use of animals in the experiments. Here’s a summary of his statement:

“So! Who would have guessed?! ‘We Will Rock You’ can be good for your health!!! I’m happy about that. But not at all happy that these scientists tortured mice to find that out. It’s now well known that many drugs and procedures that work in mice or rats do NOT work in humans. ‘Proving’ drugs in non-human animals was the cause of the terrible tragedy with Thalidomide some years ago. And, ethically, causing pain to one species to cure the ills of another is clearly unjustifiable. So the laws requiring tests on animals MUST be changed.

I’m horrified that these scientists could gaily make these unfortunate animals suffer to prove a point that should have been made using human volunteers. Then I would have been smiling. But this? It’s so easy to gloss over the disgusting way we treat animals. It has to stop. It’s high time that scientists became responsible for what they do. Time they took responsibility for the way they behave. I will NOT be celebrating this news tonight.”

In this statement, Brian May expresses his happiness about the health benefits of the music but strongly criticizes the use of animals in the experiments. He emphasizes the need for changes in laws regarding animal testing and advocates for more ethical and responsible scientific practices.

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