“Advocating for Recognition: Rob Halford of Judas Priest Recommends Knighthood for Ozzy Osbourne, Encouraging King Charles to Bestow the Honor upon the Prince of Darkness”

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

“Imagine the Honorary Title: “Sir Ozzy” – Rob Halford’s Suggestion for Recognition.”

Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford advocates for the knighthood of Ozzy Osbourne. In an interview with Classic Rock, Halford, ahead of his band’s upcoming album release, Invincible Shield, expresses the belief that the former Black Sabbath singer should be knighted in recognition of his significant contributions to the music industry. Halford emphasizes Osbourne’s role in bringing joy to people’s lives throughout the years.

The longstanding friendship between the two vocalists spans decades, with Rob Halford demonstrating his loyalty by filling in for an unwell Ozzy Osbourne during a Black Sabbath performance in New Jersey in 2004 when Osbourne was suffering from bronchitis. Reflecting on the impact of Black Sabbath’s album, Halford shared with Metal Hammer in 2017 how, like many others, their sound profoundly affected him.

In the recent Classic Rock interview, the lead singer of Judas Priest recounts an unexpected encounter with the late Queen Elizabeth. During an event celebrating British music at Buckingham Palace, Rob Halford found himself introduced to the monarch by entertainer Cilla Black. Standing in line, Halford, who had flown in from Finland for the occasion, engaged in a conversation with the Queen.

According to Halford, Cilla Black informed the Queen about his musical background, prompting the Queen to inquire about the genre. When Halford mentioned heavy metal, the Queen humorously questioned the loudness of the music, to which Halford replied, “So you can bang your head, your majesty.” The singer fondly remembers the unique experience of discussing heavy metal with the Queen during what he describes as a delightful evening.

Judas Priest is set to release their 19th album, “Invincible Shield,” on March 8. The band’s latest single, “Crown Of Horns,” is characterized by Halford as a self-reflective song that touches on themes of longing for a loved one, personal journeys, and spiritual connections. Additionally, he emphasizes the track’s call for collective unity with the lyrics encouraging listeners to “raise your horns up high.”

Reflecting on the current state of metal, Halford notes a renaissance in the genre, citing the upcoming album from Saxon and the continued presence of Iron Maiden. He expresses enthusiasm for the thriving metal scene, emphasizing that it’s a great time for the genre. “Invincible Shield” marks Judas Priest’s first album since the well-received “Firepower” in 2018.